Readers ask: 7th Continent How To Play?

How long does it take to play 7th continent?

7th Continent is a campaign style adventure game. Each scenario is long. Like 10-20 hours of gameplay long. The game is designed in such a way that it can be comfortably played in 2 hour or so sittings, and easily packed away and restored between games.

What order should I play the 7th continent curses?

We recommend that you play the curses in the following order:

  1. The Crystal’s Song. A short, introductory curse to get familiar with the game’s main mechanics.
  2. The Voracious Goddess.
  3. An Offering to the Guardians.
  4. The icy maze.
  5. The dark chest of the damned.
  6. The forbidden sanctuary.
  7. The bloody hunt.
  8. Swamp of madness.

Is 7th continent a good game?

The game has lots of great elements. There’s exploration; the thrill of discovering a hidden continent. You start with little to no idea of where yoiu should be going, so it’s up to you to discover that. You might stumble upon a trail that leads you to a hunting spot.

What goes up must come down 7th continent?

The Expansion “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” invites you to come and discover, or perhaps return to, The 7th Continent for some fresh adventures! Two new curses are waiting, each with their own unique gameplay elements, for you to discover.

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What does fire do in 7th continent?

“Each player gets a fire token during the game. These fire tokens can be placed on a terrain card when fire is made. (specific cards will tell you when you can make a fire). This also provides the fire resource while standing on that terrain card.

Is 7th continent a legacy game?

You never know what you’ll find on the exploration cards. These cards do not reenter play until the next game. The 7th Continent is, in some ways, a resettable legacy game. In addition to the variety of the exploration cards, there’s the variety of the terrain cards themselves.

How many 7th continent expansions are there?

7th Continent Collection – Base Game + 6 Expansions! – Board Game – Noble Knight Games.

How many cards are in The 7th Continent?

This mini-expansion for The 7th Continent contains 30 cards.

How can we save the 7 continents?

At the end of session players meet on the same tile, draw a map to notebook (or just make a snapshot) and proceed a standard save. If You have the drown (snapshot) map you can decide which direction you’ll explore next. It is good to wisely decide where to save.

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