Quick Answer: Town Of Salem How To Play Disguiser?

How does Disguiser work town of Salem?

The Disguiser chooses a person each night, and disguises as them. When the Investigator invests the Disguiser, they will get the result about the Disguiser’s target. Also, if the Disguiser chooses a person and dies, their role appear as the target’s role in the grave.

What can Disguiser claim Town of salem?

9, a Disguiser would trade bodies, names, and placement on the Village, but not Last Wills. They could only do this 3 times and required the targeted player to die. The Disguiser would also receive a message “You have successfully disguised yourself!” when they target a player who died the same Night.

Is guardian angel unique tos?

5, Guardian Angels could not be added more than once in custom role lists despite not being a Unique role.

Can amne remember mayor?

4, Amnesiacs were not able to remember any Unique Town roles, such as Mayor or Jailor.

What can I claim as Mafioso?

As a Mafioso, your job is to kill anyone who would oppose the Mafia without being caught. If the Godfather dies, you will become the new leader of the Mafia. So, if it appears that Godfather will die or be lynched soon, you should start to take control.

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What can you claim as an Executioner?

Claim to be an Investigator and pretend to “investigate” people by asking them for their roles the next Day, claiming Investigator. If they seem like a member of the Mafia or a Neutral Killing role, side with them, telling them that you are the Executioner.

Does Jester come up as suspicious?

As experienced players would expect that anybody claiming Jester is suspicious due to reverse psychology, regardless if they are an actual Jester or not. Although risky and contradictory, this will get you more likely to be lynched in a game with Neutral Killing or/and without Vigilante or Jailor.

Is Retributionist a unique role?

The Retributionist is a Unique Role; there can never be more than one in a match, unless remembered by an Amnesiac.

What is guardian angel town of Salem?

The Guardian Angel is a protective role. They have a target and they try to keep them alive and protect until the end of the game. Despite the GA is not evil, their target may be an evil role such as Mafioso or Serial Killer, and the GA will have to keep them alive regardless.

Can there be 2 vigilantes in town of Salem?

Unique Roles are roles that are limited to 1 player per game. Usually, there will never be two in one game; the Godfather and Mafioso can be inherited, but even for those, only one of each can be alive at once.

Can bodyguards protect Mayor?

Bodyguards, Lookouts, Transporters, Crusaders, Trappers, Guardian Angels, and the Jailor can still protect you, however.

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How do you beat Plaguebearer?


  1. Try to visit people that you know are going to have a lot of traffic, but that are not going to die.
  2. Try infecting names that stand out at the beginning of the game.
  3. Try to Infect a revealed Mayor or the Jailor because most Town Protective roles will be on them.

What does jester do in town of Salem?

The Jester’s goal is to get the town to believe that they are one of the evildoers and get themself executed. Once the Jester is executed, Jester can choose one of the guilty voters or abstainers to haunt them and make themself die.

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