Quick Answer: How To Play Xbow Deck?

Is the 2.9 XBOW good?

Clash Royale Deck Guide – 2.9 Xbow cycle. This deck has a very high win rate despite it been underused in this meta. With xbow you need to understand what your opponent is playing before you commit to playing your xbow. With his deck even if you’re up against a good counter deck you can often play for the draw.

Is XBOW difficult?

Xbow is not strong. Game knowledge, skills and technical know how make it a good deck.

Is XBow a good deck?

X-bow decks are incredibly strong on defence and Alperen will often use the deck defensively until he sees the opponent make a mistake or and over commitment and then he’ll go ahead and punish him. This is a fairly fast deck, at only 3.0 elixir and can often out cycle heavy tanks like golem, giant etc.

How do you counter a XBow deck?

Counter #5 Giant Skeleton or Giant or Golem or PEKKA + troops (X-bow + Defense) Another way to counter the X-bow + Defense strategy is the Giant + troop or Giant Skeleton + troop. Giant has a lot of HP and he can be used as a meat shield to block the X-bow. Your troops can go in and destroy the defenses and the X-bow.

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When should I play XBow?

When you feel that your opponent is in trouble and doesn’t have a good cycle, play your xbow at the bridge and defend it at all costs to connect with the opponent’s tower. If one of your opponent’s towers has less than 700 hit points you can finish it off with logs and fireball by cycling smart!

Did XBow get nerfed?

Arrows need to be nerfed actually or Archers buffed and XBow Nerfed so that 2.9 will still be viable but cycle Decks don’t just loose instantly if matched against Arrows. lets goo they are finally nerfing that low skill trash card!

Is XBOW dead clash Royale?

It was a more of a nerf, but not Xbow is definitely not dead. In fact, on RoyaleAPI, it has one of the highest ratings still (Win with Usage Rate).

What is Golem beatdown?

“Pretty much how every Golem beatdown deck is played” “Beatdown” is basically the idea behind gathering a big Elixir lead by taking damage and making your opponent lose momentum (explain in more detail later), and using this Elixir to take your opponent’s crown towers down in one or two pushes.

Where do I put the XBOW?

The typical placement for X-Bow is one tile away from the river, and one tile away from the outermost wall of the arena. Staggering your X-Bow like this leaves the Arena Tower barely in range while forcing melee troops to walk just a bit farther to reach it.

Is XBOW a skill?

I used to consider xbow the very top of skill decks, but the power of tesla and cheap distractor squishies actually make it pretty easy to win or draw. It’s still well above golem, lavaloon, and hog rider,but it’s not nearly as challenging as it used to be.

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What is an F2P score?

F2P = free to play. If you have too many legendaries in your deck, you will at some point hit a wall where you can’t upgrade your cards further without either paying real money or having to wait for months/years.

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