Quick Answer: How To Play Udes 03?

Is udes 03 good?

The gun: Quite possibly the best and most reliable gun on a tier 8 tank, this gun would be decent on almost any tier 10 tank. The pen of 288 is best in class at tier 8 and is almost the best in tier 9 as well, only being beaten out by the tier 9 Swedish tank destroyer.

How do you use siege mode in WOT console?

Switching between the two modes requires pressing the “X” key, which is the same as locking the hull. Make sure you are using proper cover before toggling between the two modes, as each mode takes a couple seconds to fully deploy, leaving you vulnerable. Pressing “X” again while switching will cancel the process.

What is Siege mode wot?

T95E2 What is Siege Mode? it’s a mode where the hydraulic suspension on your tank’s chassis engages, giving you more gun depression or elevation over the front and rear of your tank. WG, still hasn’t smoothed it out yet from the Swedish mediums so it’s bound to make your controls a little jerky.

Is the UDES 15 16 good?

I review the UDES 15/16, a tier 10 Swedish medium tank, with replays of Westfield and Murovanka battles. The Swedish mediums support 2 different playstyles: ridge fighting and camo sniping. The UDES 15/16 excels at both thanks to a rare blend of bouncy armor and superb camouflage.

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How do I get into siege mode?

Press X to enter siege mode – General Discussion – World of Tanks official forum.

How do I activate siege mode?

To manually change between Drive Mode and Siege Mode, press the Siege Mode button to activate the change. This function will be located on the same button as Hull Lock. Please check your controller settings in the Options Menu to check your controller layout.

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