Quick Answer: How To Play Smoke On The Water On Drums?

What is double time drumming?

Double time is just the opposite of half time. It makes the music feel as though the rate has doubled, but again, the underlying pulse remains the same. Imagine, again, a drummer playing eighth notes on a hi-hat along with the kick on beats one and three, and the snare of beats two and four.

What means double time?

double time noun [U] (WORK) If you are paid double time, you are paid twice the usual amount for the time that you spend working, usually because you are working at the weekend or on an official holiday. If you work double time, you work twice as long as normal.

What is double time?

Double time is a type of overtime pay rate where the employer pays an employee twice their normal rate. This type of pay rate is often used by employers to thank their staff for working in extreme or unusual situations.

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