Often asked: Scp Secret Laboratory How To Play As Scp?

How do you play SCP?

SCP -049-2 is the easiest SCP to play. Basically, all you need to do is follow SCP -049 orders. When he tells you to guard someplace then you stay there and guard that place, if you see someone entering that place and you have no chances of killing that person then tell that to rest of the SCPs.

How do you play SCP 106 secret lab?

SCP-106 has the ability to both teleport and walk through doors. He can place a teleport spot down by holding down tab and clicking the button that has a plus sign. The other button will teleport him to his teleport spot.

How do you escape as SCP-049?

To escape him, it is advised that the player sprints away and closes all doors behind the player in order to slow him down until a door requiring a keycard is shut between the player and SCP-049.

Which SCP is the Blue Key?

SCP-860 is a dark blue key of unremarkable shape. It can fit in any door lock that requires a key located in the area of the given coordinates, and will function identically to the correct key for that lock.

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How do you survive SCP-106 pocket dimensions?

You walk slowly in the Pocket Dimension and will die if you do not escape in time. You can also die from touching 106 or hitting a wall made out of a flying rock. The starting room is a hub for many hallways, where you can find a note that has the code. This password is changed each save.

What is a SCP 666?

Description: SCP-666 is a medium-sized Tibetan yurt, made of tied wooden branches and covered in yak leather. The interior ceiling is 2.44m (8ft) high and the base of the yurt is 9.14m (30ft). The hut is circular in shape.

What SCP is slender man?

SCP-000 Document: The Slenderman by ProfessorNature on DeviantArt | Scp, Scp 049, Scp keter.

How do you survive SCP 096?

If you want to escape 096, First get Scp 1499, Then look at 096 (or Shy Guy if you perfer) then as soon as he goes after you once you see or hear him really close put on 1499 (he can’t get you in 1499) wait at least a few mins then contunie on your game p.s. you may have to put 1499 on mutiple times as he will keep

What SCP is siren head?

SCP-5987 was proposed to be named “Sirenhead”, but is about the figurehead of a French privateer brig.

What SCP is a key?

SCP-005 is an ornate key capable of opening any lock that was recovered by the SCP Foundation after a civilian used it to break into a secure facility. The key can be tricked by locks whose purpose is at least partially concealed, failing to open them.

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What SCP is a mannequin?

SCP-650 resembles a tall, black-colored mannequin with no hands nor face. It is part of the Euclid class.

What SCP 447?

SCP-447 is a zombification enzyme. It’s clearly a case of backroom political albumizing. MetaFour AXTE INCAL AXTUCE MUN from a place.

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