Often asked: How To Play Videos In Unity?

Can I use video in Unity?

Unity has a component called a Video Player. This component can be attached to any Game Object in your scene. It allows you to assign a video file to it for playback within your game. The Video player can be rendered to a camera’s near or far planes.

How do you play videos on a plane in Unity?

Drag the VideoMaterial onto your 3D plane. Add a Video Player component to the 3D object, drag the VideoSample file into the Video Clip property, and the VideoTexture into the Target Texture property. Push play on the Unity Editor and your video will begin to play.

How do I play multiple videos in Unity?

Below is how to play different videos without the long wait between them:

  1. Have array/list of VideoClip to play.
  2. Create new list of VideoPlayer from the VideoClip array in #1.
  3. Call VideoPlayer.
  4. Call VideoPlayer.
  5. Wait for video from #4 to finish playing in a while loop until VideoPlayer.

Can you edit videos in Unity?

A template for Unity 2019.3 or later, which lets you use Unity as a Video Editor.

How do you texture a video in unity?

To create a Movie Texture, place a video file in your project’s Assets Folder. Unity uses this video file in the same way as a regular Texture. Unity imports video files using Apple QuickTime. On Windows, you need to install Quicktime to import a video file.

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What is raw image in unity?

The Raw Image control displays a non-interactive image to the user. You can use this for purposes such as decorations or icons, and you can change the image from a script to reflect changes in other controls.

How do I play a GIF in unity?

4 Replies

  1. Use Unity 4 version or above.
  2. Goto main menu and select GameObject > Create Other > Sprite.
  3. Select the image to make animation.
  4. Goto Inspector.
  5. Goto Main menu > Window >Animation.
  6. Select the sprite object.
  7. Select Animation window >Add Curve >Save.

How do I use Rendertexture in unity?

To create a live arena camera in your game:

  1. Create a new Render Texture asset using Assets >Create >Render Texture.
  2. Create a new Camera using GameObject > Camera.
  3. Assign the Render Texture to the Target Texture of the new Camera.
  4. Create a new 3D cube using GameObject > 3D Object > Cube.

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