How To Play Strangle Hold?

What type of guitar does Ted Nugent play?

His main weapon of choice both onstage and in the studio back then was (and still is today) an archtop thinline hollowbody Gibson Byrdland guitar from the early Sixties, which was originally designed by hillbilly jazz guitarists Billy Byrd and Hank Garland.

Why didn’t Ted Nugent sing stranglehold?

On the TV series Sounds of the Time, Nugent explained: “The song is not only sensual and sexual, but lyrically it is a song of defiance. So it was a song of defiance.” Nugent didn’t sing lead on this; Derek St. Holmes, who was the vocalist with his band, did.

What band is Ted Nugent from?

Ted Nugent

What is Ted Nugent favorite guitar?

Ted Nugent: Why I Chose the Gibson Byrdland Guitar. You can make sounds and noises that pre-dated the sounds and noises of Jimi Hendrix, the guitarist said.

What gauge guitar strings does Ted Nugent use?

Strings and Picks – 9-46 gauge strings (he’s changed gauges quite a bit, 9’s are what he is using in 2012).

Was Ted Nugent a good guitar player?

In a 1987 interview with Guitar World, Nugent called Jimi Hendrix “a master craftsman, a pilot of an emotional roller coaster who came the closest to anyone in the history of the guitar to master the unlimited dimensions of the tonal and lyrical capabilities of the instrument.” As for Eddie Van Halen, Ted said the VAN

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