How To Play Proline?

How do proline odds work?

With Proline you have to pick between 3 and 6 winners in a parlay bet. In order for your bet to win each of your picks must win that night. The payout is found by multiplying the odds associated with each selection by each other and then multiplying this total by your risk amount.

What does combos mean in proline?

“Combo” or “Combination Play” means the ability for a Player to break down a set of selections on a ticket into smaller sets, using the same selections.

How does football proline work?

PRO•LINE: bet on which team will win, by how much, and if the score is ‘over’ or ‘under’ POOLS: bet on which teams will win, period. POINT SPREAD: bet on whether one team’s score will beat or cover an assigned handicap. PROPS: bet on whether a specific action in a game will take place.

Can you win proline pools with 1 wrong?

Usually perfect tickets win, but not always. sometimes 1 wrong wins (I’ve won off 1 wrong pools before with habfan actually), and even seen a few times best ticket had 2 wrong but that’s very rare means whichever games won were probably underdogs and a lot of them to boot and no one nailed perfect

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What does box mean in proline pools?

Box play is an option of play for an added cost that lets you select both the Visitor Team (V) and Home Team (H) to win for a specified event listed on a POOLS Card. Players can box up to 4 events per individual POOLS ticket.

Can you bet single games on Proline?

OLG launches ‘Proline+’ online platform for single-event betting on league sports. Gamblers looking to bet on single sporting events have a new option as of Friday morning.

What happens in proline when a game is postponed?

Q: What happens when a game is postponed or rained out before it is finished? A: When games are delayed, suspended, cancelled, or called incomplete by the league, WCLC assigns an odds value of 1.00 to the outcome for that game. In POINT SPREAD, the potential payout will be reduced to the next lowest category.

What does V+ mean in proline?

Regular Season Hockey V+ Visitor team to win by. 2 or more. V. Visitor team to win by.

Can you play proline online in Ontario?

Pro-Line has been offered at retail kiosks across Canada since 1992-93 and its online site has been in operation since 2000, although the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) is still in its infancy stages of offering online betting services.

What happens with a push in proline?

In the event that a “push” occurs, the odds for that Market reverts to 1.00. This will not affect whether a PRO•LINE ticket will win or lose, but does reduce the potential prize by the odds that were assigned to the cancelled Market.

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Does a shootout count as a win in proline?

A game ending with each team having the same score. Overtime and shootouts are not included.

How do you play sports select pools?

How to Play

  1. Mark the Card Number you want to play – one digit for each vertical line.
  2. Mark your Play Type, which determines the cost of your ticket. You can “box” up to four games, to select both Visitor Win (V) and Home Win (H) for those games.
  3. Make your predictions.

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