How To Play Exit Music For A Film Piano?

What key is exit music for a film in?

Exit Music – For a Film is written in the key of B Minor.

Was exit music for a film used?

It landed on 1997’s OK Computer, but “Exit Music (For a Film)” was originally written for Baz Luhrmann’s gonzo 1996 bacchanal Romeo + Juliet, starring your true best friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (It plays over the end credits, but didn’t make the official, suspiciously dope soundtrack.)

Why is it called exit music for a film?

Radiohead chose “Exit Music (For a Film)” – both a literal interpretation (the music played over the closing credits of Romeo + Juliet) and a figurative one (the characters’ deaths are their final “exit”). Radiohead wanted to save the song for inclusion on OK Computer, which wouldn’t come out for another seven months.

Did Radiohead write Romeo and Juliet exit music?

This was written for the 1996 movie Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo Di Caprio. While Radiohead were on tour with Alanis Morissette, Baz Luhrmann, who directed the movie, sent them a tape of the last part of the film and asked them to write some music for the closing credits (hence the name “exit music”).

What song plays at the end of Romeo and Juliet?

“Exit Music (For A Film)” by Radiohead – The melancholy ballad “Exit Music (For A Film)” fittingly plays over the film’s closing credits. The soundtrack for Romeo + Juliet also includes the bonus tracks “Whatever (I Had a Dream)” by Butthole Surfers and “To You I Bestow” by Mundy.

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What movie is everything in its right place in?

Everything In Its Right Place appeared in the movie Vanilla Sky, with Tom Cruise. As well as on the soundtrack. “With this movie we listened to a lot of Radiohead because we loved “Kid A,” said director Cameron Crowe.

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