FAQ: How To Use Durex Play Tingling Intimate Lube?

How do you use tingly lube?

How to use: Just twist the pump to open, squeeze gently an smooth the lube onto your intimate areas, and when you need more, just help yourself. You can use Play™ tingle™ with all durex condoms – just smooth over the outside of the condom when it’s already on.

What does Durex tingling do?

Durex Play Tingling pleasure gel and lube is specially formulated for a tingling, cooling and warming effect! Durex Play Tingling lubes can ease vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort whilst creating a sensual experience for both of you. It is suitable for vaginal, and oral sex.

What is tingling sensation lubricant?

K-Y Tingling Sensorial Personal Lubricant is a water based lubricant that is designed to heighten your passion and strengthen your connection with your partner. This couples lubricant helps intensify sensations and enhance the intimate moments you experience together.

Is tingling lubricant safe?

Is this product safe to use with condoms and toys? Durex Tingling Lube is a water-based lubricant, which means it’s safe to use with most condoms and toys.

Is Durex Tingle safe?

Safety Information: Durex play tingling is suitable for vaginal and oral sex. It’s not a contraceptive and it doesn’t contain spermicide. Durex pleasure gels may slow sperm down. Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin or wounds.

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What does tingling feel like?

The feeling may also be described as a prickling, burning, or “pins and needles” sensation. In addition to tingling, you may also feel numbness, pain, or weakness in or around your hands and feet. Tingling in your hands or feet can be caused by a variety of factors or conditions.

Should you wash off lube?

Adams says you may feel some residue from the lube if you don’t wash it off completely. And you don’t need to worry about silicone-based lubes weakening latex, nitrile, and polyurethane condoms.

What should you avoid in lubricants?


  • Petroleum or petroleum-based ingredients: These often stay put for longer than other lubes by coating your skin, which can lead to infections.
  • Parabens:
  • Glycerin:
  • Benzocaine:
  • Propylene glycol:
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate:
  • Nonoxynol-9:

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