FAQ: How To Play Pokemon Battle Revolution?

How does Pokemon Battle Revolution work?

Gameplay. Pokémon Battle Revolution features eleven different colosseums in a new area called Pokétopia. A Trainer can choose 6 Pokémon and get a Rental Pass; however, if Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver is connected, a player can upload their trained Pokémon and get a Custom Pass.

Does Pokemon Battle Revolution have a story mode?

Gameplay. The game features 11 different colosseums, each with special changes to normal play or prerequisites and a Colosseum Leader. Unlike Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, the game does not include a story mode.

Can I play Pokemon Battle Revolution on PC?

Pokemon Battle Revolution is NOT currently available on PC.

How do I connect to Battle Revolution?

Choose Copy Pokémon, shown on the screen to the right. Once the screen displays connection standby, turn on Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl, choose “CONNECT TO Wii” on the Diamond/ Pearl main menu screen and confirm with. The Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl will be automatically copied.

What games are compatible with Battle Revolution?

Pokémon Battle Revolution can connect to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

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Is Pokemon Battle Revolution offline?

Pokémon Battle Revolution can be played on its own with Pokémon you can rent from the game, or import Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version and use your Nintendo DS system as a controller. You will still be able to enjoy the games in offline and local wireless modes.

Is Pokemon Battle Revolution a sequel?

Pokemon Battle Revolution 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Battle Revolution that came for the Nintendo Wii U on September 27, 2013, long before the launch of X and Y.

Is there a Wii emulator for Android?

Dolphin is a free Nintendo Wii emulator for PC, Mac and Android smartphones. Emulating Nintendo Wii games requires a lot of power, most PC’s and Macs can do this but when it comes to Android smartphones you will need an extremely powerful on to do so.

How do you download a Pokemon game?

How to download Pokemon Go on Android:

  1. On your phone go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Security (also labelled as Privacy on some devices).
  3. Go to Unknown sources.
  4. Tap Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  5. On your phone, download Pokemon Go from here.

Can 3DS connect to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

This functionality affects only Wii and Nintendo DS games—online play for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games such as Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be unaffected.

How do you get Electivire in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

At the menu go to Profile and then to self-introduction. Enter in BA16-X4SH-E2AT to get Magmortar and the Gold Pass. Enter in B416-X4HT-VTWF to get Electivire and the Silver Pass.

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Who made Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Genius Sonority

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