FAQ: How To Play Persian Santoor?

How do you play santoor?

The santoor is played while sitting in an asana called ardha-padmasana and placing it on the lap. While being played, the broad side is closer to the waist of the musician and the shorter side is away from the musician. It is played with a pair of light wooden mallets held with both hands.

Is santoor easy to learn?

One of the oldest Indian musical instruments is the santoor. It is made of walnut or maple wood with 25 bridges set on it. There are 4 strings on each bridge that create a total of 100 strings on this instrument. As far as string instruments go, the santoor is ideal for senior citizens because it is easy to learn.

How is a santoor tuned?

The strings are fixed to hitch-pins along the left-hand side and wound round metal wrest-pins on the right by means of which they are tuned with a tuning-key. The bridges are placed so that the strings are divided into three sections, giving the basic note and two higher octaves.

When was the santoor invented?

The santur was invented and developed in the area of Iran and Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). “The earliest sign of it comes from Assyrian and Babylonian stone carvings ( 669 B.C. ); it shows the instrument being played while hanging from the player’s neck” (35).

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Who is the famous santoor player?

Santoor virtuoso Shiv Kumar Sharma, born on 13 January 1938 in Jammu, is revered for his unparalleled prowess of the complex instrument. New Delhi: Shiv Kumar Sharma, the legendary santoor player, considers silence, not applause, to be the deepest praise for his craft.

Is Santoor a difficult instrument?

Santoor is an expensive instrument as it costs more than Rs25,000. So, not everybody can afford it. Besides, it is also difficult to tune as it has 100 strings.

What is santoor called in English?

Sanṭūr, also spelled santour or santoor, also called santouri, stringed instrument of the hammered dulcimer, or struck zither, family that is found in various forms across southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Who made santoor?

In Jammu and Kashmir in the 1950s, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma adapted the santoor for North Indian classical tradition at the urging of his father. Most notably, he increased the number of bridges and strings, making it more appropriate for playing ragas.

Who is the manufacturer of santoor soap?

Launched in 1985, Santoor, the flagship brand of Wipro Consumer Care is already the number three soap brand in India after Lux and Lifebuoy of Hindustan Unilever in the toilet soap category.

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