FAQ: How To Play Dota 2 In China?

Is Dota available in China?

It can be said that Dota 2 came to China at a lucky period back in 2012. It passed the government’s cultural screenings without a sweat and had its exclusive rights to market and distribute in mainland China granted to Chinese game publisher Perfect World.

Is Dota 2 popular in China?

Yep, Dota 2 popularity in China is through the roof! The total prize money awarded to Chinese Dota 2 players amounts to $62.3 million USD. 8 of the top 10 highest-earning pro teams in China are Dota 2 players. Additionally, China has 110 professional Dota 2 teams, 32 more than second-place Overwatch.

What is perfect world server Dota 2?

Perfect World is a Chinese online gaming company based in Beijing. It operates Dota 2 in China on two separate servers, Perfect World Telecom and Perfect World Unicom. It is the parent company of Runic Games and Cryptic Studios.

Which country play Dota 2 the most?

China is famous for being a country where Dota 2 is most popular game, and it is played here by 248 pro players. Russia is in second place with 129 representatives and United States is 3rd place with 104 professionals presented.

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Is Dota 2 Chinese game?

By the end of 2011, Dota 2 was already one of the highest-paying esport games, second only to StarCraft II. Since then, other Dota 2 Asia Championships have taken place, with it being sometimes being referred to as the ” Chinese International”.

Is Steam banned in China?

At this point, gamers in China can currently access both the International version of Steam and Steam China with no issues. It remains to be seen whether China’s government will block access to Steam International in the future, given it offers unlicensed (illegal) games.

Is LoL more popular than Dota 2 in China?

This is kinda true, but since LoL is owned by Tencent in China, and being Tencent “the” game distributor of China, then LoL is more popular.

Why is DOTA not popular in Korea?

One thing you have to remember is that dota (wc3) was not even common in Korea, so there wasn’t a large player base like in China and EU. By the time dota2 came out and arrived in Korea, LoL was long established there, with most of the top LoL teams being from Korea.

Why is Dota 2 popular?

Dota 2 is extremely famous for its strategy-based gameplay. Although Dota 2 has not changed the only map in it, each game creates a new scenario. The large hero pool also keeps the players involved in the game. A player can play one hero out of more than 100 heroes available in each game.

What is China perfect world?

Perfect World Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 完美世界股份有限公司) is a Chinese mass media company based in Beijing. It was founded in 2004 by Chi Yufeng. The company consists of two business segments: Perfect World Games, a video game publisher, and Perfect World Pictures, a film production company.

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Who is the owner of Dota?

DotA was first released as a custom map for Warcraft 3 under the name Defense of the Ancients. Blizzard acquired the ownership of the full name in 2012, while Valve kept rights to shortened version, Dota. Valve also obtained the rights to Dota 2 from the game’s lead-developer, IceFrog, and creator, Eul, in 2010.

Is there going to be a Dota 3?

In April 2020, epic games announced that Dota 3 developers are going to place the game in the epic games store. Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell savagely held a press release, citing the Dota 3 developers of “taking his pre-order money” when they “were quietly negotiating an exclusivity arrangement behind the scenes”.

Who has more players DOTA 2 or League of Legends?

League of Legends has approximately 70 million users worldwide, while DOTA 2 boasts around 43 million hence LOL is quite obviously the more popular game.

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