FAQ: How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Animal Jam?

What age group is Animal Jam for?

A free to play, online multiplayer game, launched in 2010 in association with National Geographic. Aimed at the 7 – 12 age range, Animal Jam is an award-winning community set in the virtual land of Jamaa, where players are encouraged to learn about the natural world.

Is Animal Jam okay for kids?

Animal Jam is a safe kids game, but it’s still important for players to know the basics of online safety before entering the online world. Always keep these important tips in mind: Don’t be afraid to tell a parent or trusted adult if you see something wrong or something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Can a 14 year old play Animal Jam?

As long as you’re kind, no one should stop you from playing AJ! To me, Animal Jam is for people of ALL ages who like to have fun, have friends, and explore the animal world! Let’s stop age discrimination in Animal Jam. Everyone, of all ages, should have fun.

Is Animal Jam Dead 2020?

In closing, Animal Jam is NOT dying. Although we’ve had some pretty big Jammers quit, it only paves the way for a new generation to take the stand. Animal Jam is a very popular game, and won’t be closing down anytime soon.

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Is Animal Jam a virus?

When I started playing Animal Jam, I thought it was just an educational, safe and fun game for kids. But that all changed when the virus started. The virus was a virus that came from a certain rare item called: “Phantom Blood”. The next day when I played animal jam, I thought it wasn’t real.

Is Animal Jam still hacked?

Animal Jam was hacked, and data stolen; here’s what parents need to know. WildWorks, the gaming company that makes the popular kids game Animal Jam, has confirmed a data breach. The stolen data dates back to over the past 10 years, the company said, so former users may still be affected.

Will Animal Jam shut down?

Animal Jam Classic does not end with Flash in 2020. We’ve created a downloadable client that can be used on PCs to continue the fun. You can find instructions on how to use this version of Animal Jam Classic right now. Just click here and start using it today.

Is Animal Jam bad?

Animal Jam is an incredibly safe place for children and teens to play. Animal Jam is constantly improving their chat system and making it more safe day by day! If you do not want your child to have chat, you can go into your parent settings and choose Bubble Chat.

Is Animal Jam free?

– The Animal Jam game is free to play with parental permission. – Parents can control players’ access to social features through their Parent Tools. Animal Jam offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. This app also offers Animal Jam recurring membership subscription options that cost real money.

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Is Animal Jam addictive?

Animal Jam is a great game for your child to play. ALTHOUGH. The game has gotten much worse over time, I’ve been playing Animal Jam since 2016. This game is highly addictive.

Why do you have to be 13 to play Fer Al?

Because of COPPA. It is illegal to take data from a -13 yr old.

Is Animal Jam educational?

Is Animal Jam educational? Yes, but it’s fun, too! The game itself aims to teach children about the beautiful and natural world around them, through educational, safe, fun play. Partnered with National Geographic, it encourages children to learn more about the environment.

Why was my Animal Jam account banned?

If the moderators find an account that shows behavior that violates the Animal Jam Rules, the account will be suspended from logging into Animal Jam for a set period of time, and an email notification will be sent to the parent email address tied to that account.

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